Meeting in Trier

Dear colleagues and friends,

During our meeting in the Science Museum in London, February 2016, we announced to plan a new meeting for the Network of Experimental Media Archaeology, to discuss ongoing projects, and to assess opportunities to join forces w/r/t/ new joint projects and project / book proposals, and joint conference and research applications.

Andreas Fickers (cc) and I are planning our next NEMA meeting in Paris for the end of June, during the Pre-Conference of NECS (June 27th-28th). Please keep these dates: we will inform you asap of the exact date, place and time of the meeting.

Please note that the Pre-Conference will be well visited ad will be followed by the NECS Conference (June 29th - July 1st 2017), which will be attended by hundreds of film and media scholars from all over Europe. You are definitely welcome. Please also note that the deadline for handing in panel and paper proposals is still open. All information on the NECS Conference and Pre-Conference you will find at  - You will have to move fast.

Looking forward to seeing you all in Paris. With best regards, also on behalf of Andreas,


Contact details:


p.s.  If you want your workshop / panel to take place during the NECS Conference, it will have to last 1hr and 45 min, because it will take place at Paris 3 during one of the parallel sessions, at the same time as several other panels and workshops.

If instead you want the workshop to take place during the Pre-Conference, then it can last a little longer, for ex. 2hrs: in this case, it will take place at Paris 7, and not at Paris 3

If you choose the option of a workshop during the NECS Conference, then it would be important that you send your proposal through the Submission Form; if instead it is for the Pre-Conference, then it is enough to send the proposal to the official email address of the conference: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.